Elif KOÇ, Müjde AKSOY
Today, competition intensifying in every sector is also in question among marina enterprises. Due to the increase in the level of welfare in the world, the development of technology and especially the interest in yachting in recent years; marina management is also developing rapidly. In terms of marina services, it is seen that yachtsmen' expectations from businesses have increased compared to at least 10 years ago. In order for marina companies to maintain their sustainable existence and earn profits, they need to carry out service marketing activities effectively and quickly adapt to changes. Therefore, the aim of this study is to reveal the possible effects of the developments related to the Covid-19 pandemic on the marketing mix activities in marinas and the near future expectations in the sector. In this context, face-to-face interviews were conducted with marina managers who are experts with many years of experience in their fields. Based on the interview notes, content analysis was conducted in the Maxqda-12 qualitative analysis program. According to the findings, the sector, which slowed down at first because of the pandemic, has gained great momentum with the demand of people who are looking for an isolated holiday. In this period, as yachtsmen' ability to use technology improved, the tendency towards digital technologies in services increased. For this reason, marinas review their marketing mix activities in parallel with these developments and implement the necessary improvements and various changes.

Anahtar Kelimeler: Marinas, marketing mix, Covid-19, digitalization, automation