Mjde AKSOY, Elif KO


The understanding of marketing has changed in the historical process. Companies need to manage their marketing activities effectively in order to adapt to dynamic market conditions depending on technological developments, globalization and changes in consumer behavior. Marketing management, which determines a route for businesses to gain higher market share, is not always faced with the problems of increasing demand, but also from time to time with the problems of deliberately reducing and deterring the demand in the market. In this context, the concept of de-marketing has emerged in order to narrow the increasing demand, contrary to the marketing activities used to increase the product/service demands or consumption of the enterprises. The de-marketing approach, which provides a solution to the problem of excessive demand, which is as chronic as low demand for the firms, gains more importance over time. Although companies widely use de-marketing strategies in practice, there are a limited number of studies on this concept in the literature. For this reason, studies on de-marketing have been systematically reviewed in this study. In the findings, key aspects such as the country of the article, the context of the study, the method used and the main findings were compiled. At the end of the study, suggestions were made for future research.

Anahtar Kelimeler: De-Marketing, Marketing Management, Supply-Demand, Literature Review